Freeze Fm was born in the Summer of 1999 in a tiny shed in Greenford, West London, when Adam Freeze got together a small group of DJs and MCs to start a pirate radio station. Founding members Ashley J, Neil T, Daimo along side MCs Hyper E, Gusto, Flava G and Chig (and with a few others), made up the foundations of early Freeze FM.


Sometime between 2002-2003, the station had become one of the largest underground pirate radio stations in London. By this time, garage was phasing out and transitioning into what we now know as Grime – known as Sublow (Jon E Cash) or Eskibeat (Wiley). Local promotors Ricky and Ingrid caught wind of the stations buzz and decided to buy into it.


The station played a plethora of underground music and became the first pirate radio station to broadcast 24/7. It also won 3 underground music awards beating the likes of Kiss 100 and 1xtra.


Freeze FM was rich in West London talent, hosting the likes of Nasty Jack, Chuckie Online, Bashy, Marci Phonix, Adrian Atom, Sharky P, Hyperactive MC, Spin E B, Musical Mobb and Chunky Sunship. Although based in West London, the station had its fair share of East London MCs – Wiley and Roll deep, Kano, D Double E, Stormin, Crazy Titch, Gods Gift. Lethal Bizzle, Skepta and Big Narstie also passed through the legendary doors of the station.


After being on air for 10 years, Freeze FM was eventually locked off by the DTI who shut them down for good in 2009.


‘Freeze FM: A London Pirate Radio Story’, produced and directed by founding DJ Ashley J has been put together over the last 8 months and features over 60 original DJs/MCs/Producers and Artists from Freeze FM. It tells the story of the London pirate radio station from its early days.

Hailed as one of the last pirate radio stations before the rise of the internet, Freeze FM played a massive part in the Grime scene and helped to push the sound west of London and inspired a whole generation.


For the people that were there, the MCs, the DJs, the listeners, the documentary will bring back fond memories. For today’s social media generation, it will be an insight into a time when pirate radio was the major way to get your music heard.


This is the first instalment in a series entitled ‘Raw and Uncut’, which will feature lost interview tapes from 2003/04 and never before seen sets. Look out for the footage, set to be released over the next year or so.


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