Mere hours after Stormzy sent indirect shots at Chip while featuring on Dave’s latest single ‘Clash‘ (check out what we had to say about it HERE), Chip is already preparing a response, called ‘Clash?‘ to which he has shared a snippet on social media, with a full version promised to release at some point tonight (9th July) on his YouTube channel.

With Stormzy‘s appearance on Dave‘s latest single came a handful of shots aimed at Chip and in true Chip fashion, the Tottenham MC has instantly prepared a war dub of his own, directly responding to some of Stormzy‘s bars (“Man’s got a watch for every day of the week, but they’re still watching me?“). Chip also references Stormzy‘s frequent appearances at Wimbledon (“Rappers get up and pretend they’re into tennis“), and questions Stormzy‘s previous hesitance to musically confront Chip, but now send shots after the beef had died down, while also alluding to Stormzy‘s lack of Grime releases (and also his preference of using Drill instrumentals over Grime during his beef with Wiley) with “contradictions, stop the cap, you’re on battle rap, why drop and call it clash?“, with “clashing” being a defining characteristic of Grime culture.

We’re very excited to see what more Chip has to say to Stormzy in the full version of ‘Clash?‘, so be sure to subscribe to Chip‘s YouTube channel HERE to find out.


Less than 2 hours after the teaser was posted, Chip released the full audio to ‘Clash?‘ on his YouTube channel.

Chip ruthlessly delivers his bars in this reply, reiterating that he’s one of the best clashers in the UK music scene, while sending shots for both Stormzy and Dave in the track. Addressing Stormzy‘s rise, he notes “they use Grime, then neglect“, again referencing Stormzy‘s lack of Grime releases since finding mainstream success. Also aiming bars at DaveChip comments on Dave‘s lyrics in the initial ‘Clash‘ track, “2018 they wanna increase stop & search because black kids dying ain’t fun? ooh, now it’s zombies and ride-outs, guess it’s 2021“, referencing Dave‘s controversial comments on social media after the death of Harry Uzoka. Chip is aiming at the contradictory character traits of both Stormzy and Dave, questioning why they’re on “badness” after spreading positivity in their music.

A truly heavyweight response by Chip, now the question to be asked is wether Stormzy will finally reply with a fully-fledged war dub of his own?