Hi! I’m Lozzy C, and I curate Wheel Up Wednesdays for Keepin It Grimy. I round up my favourite radio sets from the past 7 days, showcasing the best instrumentals, blends, and mixes from the wizards behind the decks, and delving into all aspects of Grime, 140, garage, and more.

Very pleased to say I’ve got plenty of visuals for you this week, after last week’s audio special.

Oblig makes it very hard for me not to feature at least one part from his weekly Rinse FM show, because he and it are that good. So are Tommy B and Agz, who joined him for a set to finish off the show. Really enjoyed this one.


Been loving Meltout Crew’s Reprezent show. They’ve been getting in some of scene’s top DJs and MCs for some incredible sets. This time they had Swamp 81’s Loefah and Patrice go B2B for an hour of UKG, Breaks, Grime and more. I loved it.


This next one is doing numbers! As I’m writing this, this set is less than an 24 hours old and it’s already on 750 views. J Oh Zee’s rise has been amazing to witness, and mixes like this are proof of why she’s deserving of everything good coming her way. This is her in the mix for Pyro Radio:


Big Shout-out to Just Geo on his first feature on this column. For his Balamii show for this month, he played an hour of old-school Grime Vocals. Pure nostalgia on this one, definitely worth having a listen.


Another massive Pyro set from DJ Jedah. When people say there aren’t enough of the big sets with loads of MCs, I really don’t get it, because Jedah seems to do one most weeks. This is another great example, with A LOT of guys touching mic (look at the thumbnail LOL. If you’ve ever been to Pyro’s studio you know this was a tight squeeze). Doni Rampage, Aaze, K9, 28 Luchi, Logan, Tintz, Joe Fire, J-Wing & Tiny Godfather link up for this one.