Hi! I’m Lozzy C, and I curate Wheel Up Wednesdays for Keepin It Grimy. I round up my favourite radio sets from the past 7 days, showcasing the best instrumentals, blends, and mixes from the wizards behind the decks, and delving into all aspects of Grime, 140, garage, and more.

Oblig returned to Pyro radio last week, the first time he’s done so since moving to Rinse FM three years ago. He had K9RivalKruz Leone, Crafty893 & Renz pass through to the Whitechapel studio. Kruz Leone comes in heavy and with intent over an old Dark0 instrumental and gets an instant wheel. It sets the tone for a top tier Grime set.


Shameless self promotion here as I feature my own show. Deema and I hosted an incredible June instalment of Southside on Balamii, which culminated in a set. Selecta Impact and myself were on decks with Renz and JP on the mic. Some incredible through-balls throughout, but I loved Renz flexing his war muscles for a big wheel up over a Silencer instrumental at 1:44:00.


Kirby T had Mic Ty through to Reprezent for half an hour of bars. Kirby dropped some silky tunes thoughout, and of course Mic Ty flows over absolutely anything but he’s too cold over the smooth ones (as proven here). All this makes for a very good set. Enjoy.


More from Oblig, but this time back at his home Rinse studio. On Friday, P Money presents his FABRICLIVE live event, so as a warm up he brought Manga Saint Hilare, Mez & Duppy through to Oblig’s show for a special set. Plenty of moments from this one but P Money and Mez spitting their bars from Bumbaclart Riddem was definitely my pick. Something to look out for on Friday as well, I reckon!


Spooky invited Doni Rampage, Blackcrown, K9 & Joe Fire to Mode London for a set. Spooky kicks off the set with playing only edits, chopping between them in a way only he can. Quite often with big sets like these it’s hard to decide a favourite moment, but with this one for me it was pretty clear. Around the half hour mark Doni Rampage catches a smoother one from Spooky and then eventually gives Joe Fire the through ball for the next tune, who gets a wheel 2 bars in. Elite set chemistry and we absolutely love to see it.