My favourite sets and mixes from the past seven days.


Mode London boss J Beatz jumped in the guestmix for Neffa-T’s show on Rinse FM this week. Neffa had a chat with J before hand, asking him about creative process when releasing and his top three tunes, followed by J spinning it on Neffa and asking him for his. An interesting chat followed by a top tier Grime mix. J Beatz says in the interview when he’s making a tune that Grime is water and he’s pouring it into a dancehall, garage, drill, etc “cup”. You can hear that throughout the mix with both his own productions and wider selections. While the mixing is choppy in parts, it’s smooth and seamless in others. This is a half an hour mix for people who like to dance to Grime music, so do.


I saw the video title and put this in without watching it… and then watched it so I could tell you how inevitably hard this is. Every-time I listen to the Meanstreets boys they’re playing the best tunes Grime has to offer (needless to say they make most of them), and this is no exception. Trends’ and D.O.Kselection is also providing the soundtrack to some descriptive, clever and impactful bars from XP. A pleasure to watch this.


Kibo is promoting the release of his new project FBFR: FUEGO BABY FURTADO RETURNZ! (SORRY 4 DA LONGNESS) and he stopped by at Oblig’s Rinse FM show for a chat and some bars. They discussed the different “flavours” of the project as well as playing through Oblig’s three favourite tracks. The interview is honest, very funny and unique in the sense that I don’t think Kibo has really ever done an in-depth interview. The set is pure entertainment. Since Kibo last did a set with Oblig, (Rinse FM 2020 with Kish) he’s improved and returned with new bars that are guaranteed to at least keep you listening. He’s joined on the set by Renz and Jawnino, faces familiar to both the guest and host, and all-together a recipe for a high level, high energy set. Have a look at what they cooked up: