Welcome to another Wheel Up Wednesday, where I take you through my favourite sets and mixes from the past 7 days.


Rolla celebrated his birthday with a big set on Pyro Radio. Kirby T went B2B with Abmanrah, with TCDAGENIUS, Tommy B, AGZ, Gravity & XP on mic. Everyone is on serious form throughout this set, so you really can’t afford to skip any bits at all, or you’ll miss some serious barring. There are plenty of moments in this set but XP‘s first set of bars, and Rolla‘s wheel up at 13:45 were my favourite.


Another Kirby T set, this time he’s rolling solo on the decks with Rival, Tintz, Joe Fire, Tiny Godfather, Doni Rampage & Kruz Leone joining him for bars. These guys have done a lot of radio together, and you can tell that with the way they build and sustain the energy on this set; finishing off each others bars, through balls, etc. It’s polished.


J OH ZEE closed out her Rinse FM show with a 140 mix that showcases her tek and selection on decks. Dropping banger after banger with some really nice blends to tie it all together. Enjoyed this thoroughly.


Grime Originals hosted a grime set for Link Up TV‘s YouTube channel. Oblig’s on the decks playing a Grime heavy selection compared to what he typically plays, but the selection still feels very much his own and mixed perfectly. Jus Rival, Joe Fire, Logan, Kruz Leone and Renz were on mic for this one.


To follow up from their groundbreaking Keep Hush set, Oblig went B2B with Skee Mask again, but this time on Rinse FM. This is an hour the duttiest Grime, Techno, breaks and anything inbetween. Absolutely no rules with this set. You could have pressed play on this in a club and it would have gone off.