Welcome to another Wheel Up Wednesday, where I, Lozzy C, take you through my favourite sets and mixes from the past 7 days.

Benteki invited Faultsz and Tintz down to Reprezent for a half an hour set of Grime that’s topped off with some Drill at the end. Tintz holds down the first 15 minutes or so very tidily by himself, catching every tune with style and grace. When Faultsz comes in, it’s evident that any rust he had coming back to sets a month ago has fully warn off, and he’s bodying Grime and Drill riddims with equal vim. Big selection from Benteki for this one.

Trav’s Kindred show “Trav Presents:” brings together top MCs and DJs (Usually Chamber45) for Grime sets once a month. Last week he invited Chamber45SI*BL, MJKJawnino, JPNTN, SBKBradz on Mic, Renz & Squintz down to the studio for exactly that. Pixelated Face MC aka Jawnino is fucking serious on the mic and plays a massive part in carrying the energy of this set. To end, there’s 8 bar rally around 33 mins with Chamber, MJK and SI*BL chopping between the jumpiest of Grime riddims to close out the show in the rowdiest way possible. Big up Travs for putting together this amazing line up.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Vision Crew on the radio, but I’m so gassed to see them return. They’ve returned with fresh bars as well, and sounding older, more experienced and more comfortable on the mic. Oblig’s selection feels made for them and all this together makes for elite listening.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this guy might be the GOAT. Another Keep Hush upload for Neffa-T and it’s another hour of me wondering if he’s actually from this planet. He’s playing in his home town, Bristol and they’re rightly going absolutely nuts for the tunes, and particularly, the insane blends. He’s mixing at around 150bpm on three decks, and dropping acapellas with two instrumentals mixed underneath. All the while he’s chopping between the three to make, what sounds like, a whole new tune. I’m sure it’s sorcery.