It’s that time of the week in the Grime scene when fresh releases land. Here at Keepin’ It Grimy we have collected new music for you to listen to at your leisure.

Blay Vision, Jammz, Mayhem NODB, Buggsy – The Avengers LP 

In the Avengers‘ own words: “The album was born off the back of our well-received Grime collaboration on FM Allstars Riddim (March 2020). After the reception from fans, we decided to push forward with a whole project.”

Big Zuu – Navigate

Big Zuu’s long-awaited debut album, with features from D Double E, Donel, Unknown T, AJ Tracey, Mae Muller, JME, Novelist, and Kojey Radical.

Zdot – No More Games

In Zdot’s own words: “‘No more Games’ has been in the works for 2 years. In that time I’ve produced the lead track from Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Gentleman’ movie, produced a whole TV series on Sky, top 40 releases on my own label 101 Music and many other positive distractions, so finally being able to release the project distractions, so finally being able to release the project is a great feeling and I look forward to hearing what tracks people vibe with.”

So Large – Pre-season

In So Large’s own words: “This tune is called Pre-season as it’s the warm-up for the EP. I had a session with Mystery at a studio in London and we laid a different track. He gave me a file to take away and  I found this gem on there. The rest is history, it’s high energy and clean and will let the scene know that the EP will be a game-changer.”

Snowy – Sirius

Snowy releases a 6 track EP that includes singles ‘All That Matters‘ and ‘Reckeh‘.

XP Burstgang – Delivery 2

In XP’s own words: “Delivery Volume 2 is my second proper release and I think it encapsulates a bit of everything I do musically. There are a few different vibes on there and I’ve touched on some social issues in a bit more depth than I have before which I think makes it a bit more well rounded than anything I’ve put out previously. All the features are my mates as well rather than some  of the forced industry type collabs we are used to hearing, trying to keep it as organic as possible!”

Villain – Sike

Villain drops this high energy Grime track with Izamik on production.

Namesbliss x Vagrant Real  Estate – Rubicon Lychee

In Bliss’ own words: “I just wanted to bring the audience into my world, talk about my studio routine but also talk about the things that are important to me. I go from talking about Supermix and Rubicon Lychee in the studio to talking about where are our leaders in the community. I also talk about some of the young G’s that I mentor. There are personal stories mixed with me just flexing.”

100k and Tiny G – Mind What You Ask For

In 100k’s words: “This is a highly anticipated video. One of our favourite tracks to date. Sick production, hope everyone likes the visuals.”