Founded back in 2017 by Grime pioneer and N.A.S.T.Y Crew legend Sharky Major, Grime Originals saw it’s first event held at the former Dalston venue, Birthdays on the 15th March 2017. Setting out with the aim to bring back the raw energy of Grime into dances once again, Grime Originals events gave the new generation of fans and artists an insight into the legendary raves that took place in the early 2000’s that helped to push and evolve the sound whilst also tapping into the nostalgia of those who witnessed the genre evolve. Since then Grime Originals has quickly become one of the largest platforms to continue pushing Grime. As well as having an incredible team made up true Grime fans and creatives, Grime Originals has become a brand of it’s own. Building an instantly recognisable clothing brand that you are sure to see at any Grime event you attend, Sharky has truly built something that celebrates the genres founders as well as the new generation of artist that will grow and push the sound.

With all roads now leading to Sharky Major’s Birthday Bash on May 27th at Fire in Vauxhall, a venue that has become synonymous with Grime Originals events, we thought we would prepare for the night by taking a look back at some of Grime Originals biggest reloads.

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Tempa T – 2019 (2:45-3:15)

Wiley – 2018 @ Fire (0:15-1:35)

Skepta – Wiley’s Birthday Bash 2019 (0:11-0:58)

Mayhem NOBD – 2021 (2:08-2:55)

Ghetts – Wiley’s Birthday Bash 2019 (4:30-5:10)

So Large – 2017 (10:38-11:40)

Nasty Jack x Funky Dee – 2018 (10:15-12:05)

Jammer – 2017 (5:05-6:10)

Discarda – 2017 (5:38-6:20)

Maxwell D – 2017 (8:35-9:05)