Celebrating the incredible legacy that Jamal Edwards has left behind, it was only right that this weeks instalment of KIG 10s highlighted some of the revolutionary content that Jamal created on SBTV.

Taking the spot as one of the UK’s most well know freestyle series, ‘Fresh 64s‘ or ‘F64s‘ helped to build the foundations for freestyles in the UK music scene. Taking on the format of a one take freestyle, the idea of the series was to challenge some of the best MCs and rappers of the time to spit their hardest 64 bars. Originally dropping on Sundays at 5pm, the series became one of the first scheduled series on YouTube, also leading to the latest release to trend on Twitter every week almost without fail.

Chip – 7th January 2010

Devlin – 6th August 2010

Prez T – 7th April 2010

Roll Deep (Scratchy, Manga Saint Hilare, Flowdan & Brazen) – 25th December 2011

Trilla – 11th April 2010

Trim – 17th May 2010

Wretch 32 – 1st December 2009

Terminator  – 24th December 2009

JME – 6th November 2009

Nolay – 6th November 2010