Proud Bristolian, J Oh Zee has been making her mark on the scene over the past few years with absolutely no apologies. Building her name as DJ and promoter in her home town of Bristol, J Oh Zee has headed up collectives such as Cool Calm Collective, Shellingz and Wine ‘n’ Grime all whilst working on pushing her name as a solo DJ. Regularly shutting down sets across multiple radio stations like Mode London, PyroRadio, guests mixes on 1Xtra for Sir Spyro and even her own monthly show on Rinse FM. We have also seen J Oh Zee shut down Eskimo Dance, live streams such as Da Roof and even being named on Outlook Festivals UK Edition line-up this year. More than comfortable heading up sets on her own, B2Bs with other DJs, solo mixes and live shows, we thought we would take a look back at some essential J Oh Zee sets.

J Oh Zee & DJ Intense with Blacks, Novelist, Manga Saint Hilare, Slickman Party – PyroRadio

J Oh Zee’s Birthday Set with Manga Saint Hilare, Lady Shocker & Renz – PyroRadio

J Oh Zee with K9 and Flowdan – Mode London

J Oh Zee with Kruz Leone, D Power, Chronik, Rawza, 24s & Tucker – PyroRadio

J Oh Zee with Capo Lee, PK, Swarvo & Martz – Mode London

Medley P B2B J Oh Zee

J Oh Zee with Deadly R3al, Akes & Mr Manage

Medley P B2B Benteki B2B Charisma B2B J Oh Zee with Razor, Renz, Squintz, Mayday & Kabz

J Oh Zee’s Christmas Special with Sh?m, Loui, J Wing, Tophe, 28 Luchi & Doni Rampage  – PyroRadio

J Oh Zee with J-Wing & Slickman Party – PyroRadio