P Money has a long-standing reputation as a hard-hitting Grime veteran, and, with his first release of the year, has certainly lived up to it. Teaming up with another iconic name from the culture, Silencer, the pair have brought to us a thumping Grimy banger titled ‘Trouble‘.

P Money finds every pocket in the Silencer instrumental, letting off rapid flows while still maintaining his status as a wordsmith, with bars about his personal life, alongside calling references to multiple avenues of pop culture, including anime, movies, and football.

The instant classic is more than just the audio, as we’re also given up-tempo video to match the energy, courtesy of Lah Media, who uses special effects to fully visualise some of P Money’s punchlines – including a P Money Mercedes Transformer!

Check out the video above, and CLICK HERE to stream ‘Trouble‘ everywhere!