Logan Sama to cover Sian Anderson’s 1xtra show until February
Logan Sama to cover Sian Anderson’s 1xtra show until February

Grime scene stalwart Logan Sama steps up from his SixtyMinutes slot every other Wednesday to a full three hours every Wednesday night as 1xtra DJ Sian Anderson takes maternity leave pending the birth of her first child. Logan has been contracted to provide 3 hours of radio every week for three months during Sian’s scheduled absence.

We asked Logan how he felt about returning to regular broadcasting for the first time after his departure from Kiss in 2014:

“I’m looking forward to the challenge. I have loved being party of the SixtyMinutes roster for MistaJam for the last 18 months or so and the response has been brilliant. Getting a lot of upfront Grime tracks onto 1xtra that otherwise might not get supported, and making sure a few others get an extra play every couple of weeks has been a pleasure. But of course that is a pre-recorded mix and covering Sian’s show is a whole different proposition.”

“I think since she has joined the station Sian has done an incredible job. She’s been really on point with showcasing new talent on her show. Really there’s not a lot of emerging Grime MCs you can say deserve to get onto that platform that she hasn’t had. But I am looking forward to putting my own spin on things for the three hours I have and going a bit deeper. I want to definitely do a bit more with the artists that are established in Grime as well as shine a light on the really vibrant instrumental side of Grime too. There’s certainly going to be a lot of interesting conversations happening between myself and acts over the next week and a half before I start!”

“I just want to do a great job maintaining the quality of show that Sian has set and also put my own stamp on it. You know what to expect from me: MC sets, upfront music, interviews and a strong sense of history as well. But this will be the first time I have ever had 3 hours to play with. That’s a lot more time to really explore! I want to educate the 1xtra audience not only about the great new talent that is coming through right now but also take this chance to educate some of the newer listeners to Grime about its rich history going back over a decade. It’s a great story because you could say that Grime really first got recognised in 2002 which is the first year 1xtra started, so the two have grown hand in hand. Whilst it is only a cover slot, I do feel really strongly that Grime is a great fit for 1xtra and what they stand for. I am looking forward to giving my supporters some legendary radio moments once again, but also making a quality broadcast and hopefully showing new listeners a thing or two about this incredible genre I love so much!”

You can catch Logan Sama’s first show on 1xtra on November the 18th from 10pm until 1am and then every week from then on through til February.

Logan has of course now taken a hiatus from his residency on SixtyMinutes for MistaJam but you can check out his most recent mix via the BBC iPlayer at the 2 hour 2 minute mark of MistaJam’s show: CLICK HERE

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